Home Alive offers tools, not rules. We view self defense as encompassing a continuum, including safety planning, in-the-moment resistance to abuse or assault, self care, and community organizing. To everyone seeking more safety and connection in our lives, we believe that you’ve survived a lot and already have many of the skills you need to practice effective boundary setting and self defense.  We help name and validate those while offering more options.


We have always offered our classes on a sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds.  Our classes are usually open to all genders.

We see self defense as an inherently political, liberatory act in opposition to the abuse and oppression that pervades society.

We promote consensual behavior and believe that we all have a responsibility to respect each other’s boundaries and right to self-determination.

We consider saying yes, and asking for what we need, to be an important part of boundary setting.

Home Alive believes that you are worth defending!