This exercise rocks because it’s usually the first time folks get to run around and giggle and be physical during the class.  It’s a good segue into teaching fighting stance/confident stance.



A cleared area where participants can move around safely.  Two instructors.  About five minutes.



“Now we’re gonna get physical and start moving around.  Find a partner.  When I say GO, you’ll each be trying to tag your partner’s shoulder, while moving in a way that makes it hard for your partner to tag your shoulder.  Keep going til I say STOP.  Before you start, check in with your partner about any physical difficulties you want them to be aware of.”

Two instructors demonstrate shoulder tag.  Then participants do it for 20-30 seconds.

Repeat with knee tag.

Repeat with tag on both shoulders and knees.


Debrief Questions:

“What were some moves you made or saw that seemed effective?  How were you holding your body as you tried to attack or defend?”


Key Points:

Feet spread, weight balanced, knees slightly bent, arms out in front, alert, breathing.  Which all sets us up nicely for teaching… the Stance!