This game gives us the opportunity to practice using basic boundary setting skills, with a ridiculous twist.



Two facilitators.  Five to ten minutes with debrief.



In this game participants will play with having some kind of ridiculous request made of them by someone they know.  The request should be for something that the person does not want to do, and/or is physically or logistically impossible — the more outlandish the better.

Facilitators first demonstrate for the group.  “Build me a spaceship!” or “Do all my homework for the next three years, okay?” or whatever.  Asker should demonstrate savviness with complimenting (“It’s just that you’re so incredibly smart”), manipulation (“We’re basically in the same classes so you’re already doing the work anyway”) and persistence (“Come on!  Just do this one little thing for me!”), thus enabling the boundary-setter to get lots of practice setting and holding the No.  Remind folks about Name It, Direct It, Repeat It, End It.

Then have participants pair up, take a moment to each think of a ridiculous request, and choose who’ll go first.  Give them about two minutes and then have them switch roles.



Ask the group:  What kinds of responses did you give or receive that worked well?  What felt difficult?  Did anything make it easier?